99 Strategy Boosts
You are committed to your strategy, but you don't feel that you are capturing it's full value. Before questionning the strategy itself, consider a compact and comprehensive assessment of each phase of the strategy process.
Planning Have you used the best available data, tools, and planning processes?
Communication Is your strategy fully communicated and understood among internal and external stakeholders?
Alignment Are your key stakeholders consistently bought in to the strategy?
Resources Have you set clear priorities for resource and time allocation of execution leaders and enabling partners?
Implementation Are you supporting preparedness for the desired magnitude of change?
Monitoring Are you defining and managing Indicators of success?
A compact Strategy Audit objectively assesses the 99 most critical process elements
  • A preparation phase to define scope, positioning, and logistics 
  • 5-10 days onsite interviews, workshops, and detailed documentation reviews
  • Selective surveys to a broader set of internal and external stakeholders
Comprehensive assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and development of an action plan to boost your strategy

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To ensure 100% objectivity of the strategy audit, we follow traditional “audit rules”, strictly separating the roles of auditor and consultant.  Where and when My Strategy Source performs a strategy audit, we will not seek consulting services that may result from the assessment.  To meet your remediation needs, we can assist you in finding adequate resources.