Oliver Buechse

oliver buechse headshotIn my new venture, My Strategy Source, I aim to combine the lessons from 20 years in Strategy and the insights from three distinct perspectives, to help organizations and individuals improve their strategy performance without overinvesting in time and resources.

My three perspectives on strategy:

(1) As a young consultant with McKinsey&Co. I believed that better tools, better ideas, better analytics, and better strategic plans would empower organizations to have a better strategy.
So my focus was on creating and delivering those tools and plans.

(2) As SVP of Strategy for Union Bank I learned to fully appreciate the implementation and support requirements as well as the creation of Board and Executive buy-in that are needed to translate a strategic plan into actual results.
So my focus was on building bridges between planning and implementation.

(3) As Chief Strategy Officer for Associated Bank I had the opportunity to fully understand the role of strategy in the context of organizational capabilities and priorities.  Strategic success is inseparable from the formation of culture, the building of capacity, and the harmonization of resources.
So my focus was on optimizing the alignment of strategy processes with the needs and abilities of the organization.

Many strategists are highly capable in supporting planning or implementation efforts.  Few have had the opportunity and privilege to experience all three perspectives.