Vision for Wisconsin by Futurist Oliver

Vision for Wisconsin by Futurist Oliver

Digital Vision for Wisconsin

Immerse yourself in the most comprehensive assessment of the dynamics of digital disruption in Wisconsin to date

Most opportunities to build awareness in a conversation or presentation last for about 45-90 minutes. During that time, I have the opportunity to introduce myself, get to know the other people at the table or in the room, and then begin to share some of the key highlights related to the dynamics of technology driven change. But how far can you really go? How many meetings would it take to share all the aspects I have discovered and all the ideas that could make a difference for Wisconsin?

To summarize my thinking on what needs to be done, I created the vision paper. It is quite long as it attempts to explain the Why (the dynamics of the Great Transformation), the Current State, which is admittedly quite complex once you consider the various stakeholders and activities in Wisconsin, and provides example for Driving Change through description of ongoing efforts as well as sharing of new ideas. While this vision paper is not for everyone, it an help close the informational awareness gap for many in the State who need to contribute in some form to better preparing Wisconsin.

You can download it here