Future Ready – Oliver Buechse

Future Ready – Oliver Buechse

Future Ready

Join me in developing learning content and formats for critical “human skills” in the age of smart machines

In my vision paper “The Digital Transformation of Wisconsin” I provide a series of (yet unrealized) ideas on how we can master the challenges that come with the new era of technological disruption. Key among them is the ability to build new skills in all of us which allow us to better compete with and to complement technology in the future.

The World Economic Forum lists as critical skills of the future (1) Complex Problem Solving, (2) Critical Thinking, (3) Creativity, (4) People Management, (5) Coordinating with Others, (6) Emotional Intelligence, (7) Judgment and Decision Making, (8) Service Orientation, (9) Negotiation, (10) Cognitive Flexibility. We need to find ways of teaching and training these skills in effective and efficient programs and it will take a partnership of several organizations to get this done. In September of 2019 we are launching a collaboration with at least one, potentially several Wisconsin Universities to develop a concept to teach these skills to our current and future workforce.

If you are interested in joining this collaboration, please reach out to me.