Top Keynote Speaker – Oliver Buechse

Top Keynote Speaker – Oliver Buechse

Engage and Mobilize your Audiences

Make it easy for your audience to understand the complexities of Digital Disruption

Digital Transformation has become the main theme of my work, and I love to share what I have learned with others. My caveat upfront is always “I am not a technology expert – and that will be to your benefit”. One of my clients recently noted: “Oliver, you truly have a gift. I listened to the experts on the panel and while they are all very impressive, I had a hard time following what they were saying. When you summarized it, it made perfect sense to me.” Over the past years I have been asked to speak at several events to help people understand the nature and dynamics of change and to explain the complex in simple terms. I have become the “Chief Explainer of Digital Transformation“.

Examples of Speaking engagements are:

  • What are the Chances – Should you Bet on Digital Technologies or Stay on the Sidelines? (CCCP Annual conference in Green Bay, June 2019)
  • What to Expect from the Great Transformation (AEBS Business Intelligence Conference, Milwaukee, April 2019; also: Corporate Casual event in Milwaukee, April 2019; also: Innovate and Automate conference, Wausau, March 2019)
  • What to Expect from the Great Transformation (Workforce Strategies Summit by Wegner CPAs, Milwaukee, January 2019)
  • Pioneers of Digital Disruption (New North Summit, Appleton, December 2018)
  • How AI is Changing the Customer Experience (EDCi Envision Conference in Milwaukee, November 2018)
  • Learning to Navigate Disruption (Rockwell Manufacturing Insights event in Fond Du Lac, October 2018)
  • Waves of Change (BizExpo, Milwaukee, May 2018)

If you are an event organizer and want a captivating topic and highly engaging speaker to help prepare your audience for the realities of tomorrow, let’s talk to find the topic and the tone that will be the right fit for you.