Oliver’s Leadership Dialogue

Oliver’s Leadership Dialogue

Prepare your Team

Spark dialogue and translate it into action to ready your organization for the future

Many leadership teams struggle with the abundance of “here and now” issues and the challenge to find time to look beyond the current horizon and address topics that may impact their organizations in the near future. However, continuing to kick that can down the road is very risky. I believe every leadership team should have the ability to discuss Digital Transformation and to engage in a strategic evaluation of the organizations options. That discussion cannot happen if the majority of the people around the table don’t know enough. It also cannot happen if there is no roadmap to guide them through the discussion for the first time. I have made it my personal mission to provide both the awareness/knowledge (see Advancing AI Wisconsin) and the navigation (see POP Framework) to leadership teams.

Leaders also come together in cross-organizational venues. The ones they cherish most are those in which they can be among peers, speak freely, and engage in topics most relevant to their current and future organizational challenges. TEC or Vistage groups are among these venues, but there are others as well. Addressing such a group requires a different approach than a Keynote or “Speech”. It requires tailoring the message, generating dialogue throughout, and leaving the group with critical insights and ideally with a few tangible tools/ideas to apply when they get back to their businesses. I am a Vistage Speaker (Smart Start your Digital Transformation) and have addressed groups of Board Chairs, CEOs, CIOs, and various functional leaders.

If you are working with a group of leaders or organizing professional development efforts, let’s talk about which of the many angles of Digital Transformation would spark the most relevant dialogue within your group and how you can convert that dialogue into action.