Dimensional Visioning by Oliver Buechse

Dimensional Visioning by Oliver Buechse

Dimensional Visioning

Experience a powerful process which engages leadership teams of organizations or communities and channels many voices into an agreed upon vision

Developing foundational elements such as Vision, Mission and Aspirations can be a daunting task for any organization. The process is fraught with challenges: who to involve, how to solicit and weigh their input, how to balance the various potential dimensions that may shape the future of the organization. Based on personally experiencing dysfunctional vision processes early in my career, I developed a tool which mitigates the key issues.

Dimensional Visioning does not start with an existing vision statement nor does it attempt to craft one right away. Instead it starts with the fundamental question: What are the key choices that drive our organization’s future? Through a series of interviews these dimensions and the “range of reasonable choices” along each dimension are established. In parallel we explore who the key stakeholders are to inform these choices. Limiting a vision effort to just the leadership team or Board of Directors can be another key mistake. Through a survey the input from all selected stakeholders is collected and displayed to all participants of a vision offsite. This process of “getting the critical views out there” has been the key to highly successful all-day discussions with a diverse group of stakeholders. The rich discussion is captured and filtered through several rounds of feedback and synthesis until Vision, Mission, Aspirations, Guardrails, and in some cases even the outlines of a Strategic Roadmap emerge.

If your organization is lacking a vision for the digital future or if you feel that your existing vision is not truly mobilizing your organization, it may be time for a refresh. Let me show you examples of how Dimensional Visioning will take you to the next level.